Justice Care and Opportunities Department

Community Reentry
Center (D.O.O.R.S)

Justice Care and Opportunities Department

Community Reentry
Center (D.O.O.R.S)

Community Reentry Center: Developing Opportunities and Offering Reentry Solutions (D.O.O.R.S)  

Director: Tasha Stiger (tmcfashion-stiger@jcod.lacounty.gov)
DOORS Administration (rocdoorsreferral@jcod.lacounty.gov)
Data Analyst: Raiai Lee (rlee@jcod.lacounty.gov)


D.O.O.R.S is an inclusive creative community of innovative resources for those impacted by the justice system-where individuals, their families and the broader community-find healing, support, wellness and hope towards opportunity.

An inclusive community where everyone impacted by the justice system can thrive and fully participate in society.  The Community Reentry Center (CRC) at D.O.O.R.S provides an array of comprehensive supportive services to address the barriers to reentry for justice-involved individuals, particularly those on adult felony supervision, their families and the community. Such services include but are not limited to housing, employment, legal aid, educational support, mental health assessment and linkage, substance use counseling, and health and healing through the arts. The services are provided in a welcoming environment by county partners and community-based organizations that are considered leaders in reentry and experienced professionals with high-risk communities.


• Housing (Crisis and Permanent)
• Benefits Establishment
• Employment Support
• Education (GED/High School Diploma Program)
• Substance Abuse Counseling and Treatment Linkage
• Mental Wellness Counseling
• Legal Aid Support
• Visitation Monitoring
• Intensive Case Management
• Healing through the Arts
• Community Events
• Computer Lab

If you would like to be connected to any of our D.O.O.R.S providers, please complete the Community/Walk in Referral form and email to rocdoorsreferral@jcod.lacounty.gov.




A New Way of Life (Family Preservation)
Chrysalis Center (Employment)
Five Keys Charter Schools and Programs (Education, Parenting, Anger Management, Domestic Violence Education)
Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System (HOPICS) (Case Management, Substance Use Screening, and Housing)
Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (Legal Support)
Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership (Community Outreach and Engagement)
Homeboys Industries-Somos los Arte (Art Academy)


Department of Mental Health (Mental Health Support, Screening and Linkage)
Department of Public Health
Department of Public Social Services (Social Services)
INVEST/ Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services (WDACS) (Employment)
Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture
Los Angeles County of Department of Probation


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